Explore collections of unique earrings featuring modern studs with the brilliant, princess or round shaped diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds set. These beautiful stones are set in 14k gold.

Earwire Earrings Square

yellow sapphire gold earrings

Item code: SRE412343
14K yellow gold
Estimated weight: 1.19g

8 yellow sapphires: 1.26ct

Certificate of authenticity
Each pair is slightly different.
Available size: ONE SIZE
price 1.630 eur

Sapphire squares hanging on fancy earwire
from collection Eye To The Soul. Unique earrings
with yellow princess cut sapphires set
into cubes made of 14K yellow gold. 


A'Design Award gold winning collection Eye to the Soul represented by the ring - pendant inspired by a symbol of the eye. A symbol associated with God Horus, that is considered to be a protector of people and their destiny. Rings can be easily and fully functionally turned into pendants. Rings turned into pendants stay in a stable position, thanks to its eye shape. Sapphires or diamonds are set into a cube. That allows light to pass seamlessly through the stone and contributes to the maximum utilisation of light reflection. In late 2018 Daniela extended this very popular collection with matching earrings.