Gemological appearance, rarity, and final quality are the main characteristics
that define the value of a gemstone. Each diamond, precious stone and real pearl
has a different value and even professional gemologists need precise tools to determine
any treatments or enhancements that a precious stone has undergone. Each conflict-free
diamond and precious stone from Daniela Komatovic’s jewelry comes from
the world largest gemstone exchanges and each piece of her jewelry comes with a
complimentary authenticity certificate issued by company YU Diamond Center,
a trusted name for the expert grading of precious stones.

All certificates are laminated with the photography of the jewelry piece
and contain information about the noble metals and incorporated gemstones. The certificate
includes the type, weight, the fineness of gold and its weight, clarity, cut, shape, size, quantity,
the colour of the precious stones, the shine and surface of Tahitian and freshwater cultured pearls.
Each certificate has the issue date, contact details and seal of the authorized company
YUDC as well as the professional gemologist signature. Responding to every customer
request, we can also provide international certificates, such as GIA, HRD, IGI, TGL,
GRS whose certificates also include information about polish, symmetry,
fluorescence and the origin of incorporated diamonds.