For her designs, Daniela uses the finest precious stones, emphasizing the amazing colour
of each gemstone. Her husband, a professional gemologist, who has been in the wholesale gemstone
industry for years, helped her fall in love with precious stones which influenced greatly her decision
to start making jewelry. He taught her how to differentiate each stone and analyze its colours and 
inclusions, making sure she incorporates only the highest quality pieces. 

Gemstones set into Daniela's jewelry are selected from the world's largest gemstone exchanges:
diamonds from Israel and Belgium, emeralds from Zambia, rubies from Madagascar and sapphires
from Thailand. She also uses Tahitian pearls, imported directly from French Polynesia
and freshwater pearls from the Chinese province Suzhou.

Her jewelry includes naturally polished diamonds of a high purity level
in a variety of shapes. She uses white diamonds with clarity range from VVS and VS,
with inclusions that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Each diamond piece displays
great transparency and brilliance. Jewelry from Daniela's collections is often decorated
with black diamonds, that are one of her favorite gemstones.

Daniela achieves dynamic by the use of colourful and blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds.
These valuable stones are well known due to their hardness and brilliance and all look wonderful when
set in white, yellow or rose gold. To add to vibrancy, she also incorporates sapphires in different
colours which have been rapidly gaining in popularity and demand.

The highest quality Tahitian black pearls grade A-B for rings, earrings, pendants and
necklaces are chosen by the designer to give her jewelry a very unique look. She uses
pearls in various shades of black, from metallic grey, purple, blue, green and silver to dark,
black tones. For her jewelry, Daniela also uses the highest grade AAAA, cultivated
freshwater pearls of different, natural shades. Each gemstone is accompanied by
a certificate issued by the renown gemological business YU Diamond Center. 

Real lovers of superior design and sophisticated jewelry will become proud owners
of this genuinely authentic brand of international quality and enduring value.