Daniela creates her jewelry with love, precision, and special care,
having in mind that it will become one of your most personal and appreciated
possessions. This is why it is important to understand how to care and protect your
valuable pieces. Exposing your jewelry to light and heat can affect a coloured precious stone’s
endurance and colour. High-temperature exposure can cause some transformative impurities and
change the colour of a precious stone, making it darker or even unnaturally colourful, removing the
natural shine your stone needs to keep its attractiveness. Warm temperatures cannot
affect pearls; however, sudden temperature changes can cause cracks, while
excessive light exposure will cause their bleaching.

Be aware that exposure to chemical substances can change the colour of noble metals
and can also affect the colour of precious stones. Even cosmetics, such as creams, perfumes,
and hairsprays as well as household cleaning products may have chemicals that can permanently
affect the surface of your precious stones or pearls and pit gold alloys, creating visible defects.
Saltwater and chlorine in swimming pools can also damage your fine jewelry, so make sure
that you remove it before diving into water. You should also remove it before any other
physical activity, including recreation, as a hard strike can fracture your jewelry, both
gold and gemstones. When hit, even the hardest diamond can crack or break.
In addition, during exercising, some toxins and acids can be excreted in sweat
which can also be damaging your gold, precious stones and pearls.

You should clean your jewelry regularly, however, you need to take some precautions.
Do not use rubbing alcohol as it can change the colour of gemstones and create undesired
effects on gold. Use warm water, mild soap and a gentle brush. After rinsing it with warm water,
lay it on a towel to dry. When polishing jewelry, especially pearls, for the best results, use a
professional cloth as napkins and paper towels have fibers that could scratch pearls and
gold and remove the rhodium finish. Do not clean jewelry that is damaged or broken as
you can damage it even more. If you notice even the slightest signs of damage,
make sure that you have it repaired by a professional jeweler.

Storing your jewelry is also an important part of your care.
Do not neglect it by tossing it into a drawer or leaving it with other
pieces in a jewelry box. Each of Daniela’s piece comes in an elegant
box which could be the perfect place for its storage.