Daniela Komatović is a perfectionist who focuses on every detail
of her amazing work – from design to completion. With minimalism and elegance
as her trademarks, she widens the boundaries of design
with every piece of work she makes. 

Daniela was born in Prague, where she studied graphic design
at the Professional School of Applied Art. For years, she had many important
collaborations as a graphic designer with various companies including Clinique,
Estée Lauder, Nestlé, Harper’s Bazaar, Vienna International Hotel, and many other
Czech companies. In 2002 she wrote a popular book of Balkan Cousine, that she
provided with original photographs and drawings. Having worked on the visual
identity of the company YU Diamond Center, the jewelry store Diamond Spot
as well as her own brand Daniela Komatović, she is still
daily involved in graphic design. 

The designer discovered her passion for jewelry through her mum,
a stylish lady and real lover of fashion. However, it was not until her husband,
a professional gemologist, introduce her to the magical world of precious stones
and pearls that she decided to start designing jewelry. Daniela had made pieces
for herself and her friends before she started her own signature line of luxury
jewelry in January 2015. Daniela’s modern, yet luxurious jewelry, made only
of gold, diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones, and pearls, started
attracting the attention of even the most demanding lovers of design.
Her unique pieces have been adorning many people
from public life and diplomatic circles. 

In 2017, only 2 years after creating her design line, she received a Gold Award
at the prestigious competition A’ Design Award in Milan for her collection Eye to the Soul,
where she was invited by the organizers who had previously followed her work on NOT
JUST A LABEL, the world’s leading designer platform. The winning ring-pendant
Amulet Eye celebrates an Egyptian myth about the Eye of Horus, a symbol
representing the path to wisdom and knowledge. In Serbia, she was 
awarded the Artist of the Year award in 2021.

Daniela Komatović is a face of prestigious private banking brand
Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. For their campaign, FWR is always choosing
leading names of Czech art and design.

Being also a talented painter and macro photographer makes Daniela a truly
multimedia artist. Daniela lives and creates in Prague and Belgrade,
where she does, in addition, some charity work.