Original and luxury brooches made of 14kt gold, decorated with white diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, emeralds. Timeless pieces created by famous Czech designer Daniela Komatović

Brooch Lyra

gold brooch diamond sapphire

Item code: DKB-COSBDYS-W
14K white gold
Estimated weight: 8.20g

1 white diamond: 0.03ct VS/G
1 black diamond: 1.14ct
1 yellow sapphire: 0.13ct

Certificate of authenticity
Each piece is slightly different.
Available size: ONE SIZE
Dimensions 3.0 x 3.5 cm
price 4.890 eur

Luxury 14K gold brooch Lyra from Cosmos Collection with dominant black diamond, yellow sapphire and white diamond. Lyra brooch is an excellent accessory for your jacket, shirt or pullover.


The cosmos represents
an orderly, harmonious system. Even the ancient Greeks perceived it as the perfect arrangement and this is probably why Homer used the actual word for describing beautiful decoration and jewelry. This is also one of the main reasons for the creation of Daniela Komatovic's new jewelry collection Cosmos which explores the vast secrets of the universe, bringing them down to Earth. Despite its boundlessness, the cosmos opposes chaos, presenting the divine order of things and that is what inspired Daniela when creating her outstanding collection. Daniela's rings, earrings, and necklaces are timeless, consisting of diamonds and fancy sapphires, set in yellow, white and pink gold. A variety of colours and shapes featured in her new collection summons the power of distant galaxies.