Statement necklaces designed and hand-crafted to perfection. Discover Daniela's selection of 14K gold necklaces decorated with diamonds, black diamonds, and colourful sapphires. Find a perfect match and make a statement.

Necklace Toyen

rose gold necklace diamonds sapphires

Item code: DKNLB-P
14K rose gold
Estimated weight: 9.31g

1 purple sapphire: 1.00ct
1 green sapphire: 0.92ct
1 black diamond: 0.03ct
1 white diamond: 0.01ct VS/G

Certificate of authenticity
Each piece is one-off.
Available size: ONE SIZE
Photo documentation will be
sent after placing order.
price 4.800 eur

High quality craftsmanship, original design, diamonds and breathtaking colours of organic shape fancy sapphires make this rose gold necklace a true jewel. Each necklace is one-off, photo documentation of the necklace will be sent to confirm your purchase.


Inspired by a free, flawless style and gentle, curved shapes of Art Nouveau works, Daniela Komatović launched her exquisite jewelry collection - Liberty. The collection is strongly influenced by the Czech artist Alfons Mucha, the creator of distinctive design later developed to become Art Nouveau. The style is characterized by long, sinuous forms, tender colors and decorative, elegant elements. The flowing lines that Mucha used for his famous posters could be seen as a metaphor for the liberation from the traditional art forms and this is exactly what inspired Daniela’s unique collection. The collection uses the idea of creating a connection with the piece of jewelry which evokes the feeling of freedom and pleasure. Each ring, necklace, and earring is as delicate as it is daring and it carries the story that talks about liberation.